25 – « Yes Boss » of Aziz Mirza (18/07/1997)

How long can it be to write about a higly satisfying movie ?

You may not be aware yet, and that’s really unfortunate but « Yes Boss » is really surprising.

Under a very… easy going, flowing movie aspect, it really touch to interesting subjects, making you feeling light and joyful regularly but still thinking (for me at least) about « What do you really want in your life ? ».

It has values, excellent music, comedy, formidable cast and some really sweet and others dramatic moments.

I really plunged in this movie assuming it would be or nice and sweet, or punchy violent (sorry, was of my first 90’s Bollywood movies and I was a bit skeptical at that time).
Since then, I watched it 3 full times and rewatched some of the scene with more and more pleasure each time.

« Yes boss » is really a pleasing movie in term of narration as a spectator. I felt like my emotions were driden by someone else who knew the travel and wanted me to fully enjoy the trip.

So, I got them all, from sadness or tears to anger, but also pure joy, love and nostalgia.

Shah Rukh Khan (admit it, I made you doubt by not writing it before… « Is it still Marie-Amandine writing this ?? », so Yes, it’s me… Let’s return to the subject, ok ?) SRK, was I saying, delivers a very sensitive performance as Rahul (one of the Rahul), showing an aspect that our bosses in Europe look for but never find in our revolutionarian workers, dedication, forgetting of himself, total devotion to his work and boss.

It may be very European, or even French to think that, but, for most of us, he is the very model of Indian and asiatic workers (clichés, always clichés… How would the world turn without them, right?^^).
In front of the worst behaviours of his boss, Rahul will still help him, manage to save him from various terribly problematic situations and focus enough on his goals to never rebel against him.

But this takes an end when Seema, the lovely Juhi Chawla, enters his life and heart as suddenly as… the one of his boss (not sure the heart was concerned for the last though…).

That’s how our Rahul (yes, I still consider we possess heroes^^) will have to help his boss conquer Seema and manage to reassure her and the very wife of this ***** (decency force me to mute my thoughts!^^).

Seema is also a very ambitious girl, very proud, but also, kindly, naive and innocent. She’ll make wrong choices but has a golden heart, just like our hero and will make you love her more and more little by little. The performance of Juhi Chawla is always on point and make us feel all the distress and pain Seema can experienced along the movie.


Notice : The scene I found the funniest in the movie is at night, in the room SRK and Juhi are forced to share (you’ll discover by yourself, don’t ask me !^^) when they dubb an Hollywood movie ! (I stop there, it’s hilarious for me as almost every scene in this hotel !)

It’s still a very 90’s movie on 3 points :

1st – Extraordinary music : Nothing to repproach to Jatin-Lalit who delivered some masterpieces here (in my mind) like « Chand Taare » (insanely predictive on so many plans for SRK : the lyrics are line per line his actual achievment and there’s even a shot in front of his future « Mannat », « Main Koi Aisa Geet Gaoon » (one of the lovliest songs of my entire life ! And what a pleasure to see the sweetest pair, Juhi-SRK, in this beautiful location, just having fun and enjoying the moment!), or even « Ek Din Aap » (You’ll hear it at the start of the movie. Soft and romantic vibes and picturization).

2nd – Karwa Chaut !^^ This is the first thing I learned by watching so called « SRK movies » : Indians tradition of Karwa Chauth. And here, the scene is beautiful ans very emotional, more intimate and deeply meaningful in the scenario (it’s not always the case honestly but here, it does !).

3rd – … Violence ! (at the end here)
No no, I don’t say the movie is violent ! (Not at all by the way) But we can feel that a movie without at least 1 fight would really bore the public (and even SRK as per I know^^).
So, without neccessity but with a reason (I let you discover), there’s a fight at the end.

But, you know what ? No one will care about it, not even me.
I hate violence and still this movie is for me sweet and adorable.

Why ? Because this is also a beautiful scene for our couple and the end is (apart from a bit…previsible or « easy » maybe!^^) very intelligent.


The final message, as I receive it at least, is « Work hard for your dreams but don’t let Happiness on the side » AND… « Women can do mistakes, they don’t need to be ashamed or receive any lesson for that. They are human and have to be treated equally to men » (Ok, it’s a very short part of the movie, at the end, but I still found it very… very SRK movie , first, smart and necessary!^^).

To end this chronicle I’ll just say : I can’t wait to have the time to return to it and hope you’ll be as Joyful as I am by watching it too !

Take care every one !

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